Class options for new students:

  • The Skypuppy Social Responsibility Course is my foundation skills class where most people will start. 

For teams who have completed the prerequisite training:​


These sessions are for the experienced teams who are ready to test their training in more challenging environments.


  • College K9s runs Sunday mornings at Narrabundah College. This is where we build on the solid foundations you already have, teaching social responsibility, building reliable obedience and having fun with cool tricks and canine conditioning. 


  • Street Cred is for the cool kids who want to get out and train in the real world - we take our skills to the streets and explore different environments. 

  • Skypuppy Social Club - for teams wanting to build on their social responsibility. This class uses the foundations of GRC Dogsports to give your dog the ability to make good choices without always being told what to do. It will also give you the confidence to advocate for your dog. Run Saturday mornings for regular students. 







Coming soon:

  • Canine Hoopers. Taking part in a sport with your dog is so much fun! Hoopers is a fantastic sport if you are looking for a low impact version of agility. It is an inclusive game and is suitable for all sizes and breeds. Hoopers builds confidence in both dog and handler to work together to complete courses of hoops, barrels and tunnels.


Online Learning:

  • Skypuppy School also utilises online learning to support your training. The "Good Dog - Level 1" online course is a stand alone video series made possible in collaboration with The School of Canine Science.  It lays a solid training foundation for dogs of all ages and is great as a resource for people who like working independently and at their own pace. 

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