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Casual Classes

These classes are for teams who are ready to test their training in more challenging environments. You must already have a solid marker and reward system in place and sound handling skills. 


  • College K9s runs Sundays at Narrabundah College. This class covers a mix of fun skills and will build on the foundations you already have, helping to create confidence working around others while learning cool tricks, practicing functional obedience and working on calmness. 


  • Street Cred is for the cool kids who want to get out and train in the real world - we take our skills to the streets and explore different environments. 

  • Grad School - small group coaching for experienced handlers, held Saturday mornings at Canine Culture in Hume.​​​ For the teams who are working on specific goals - let's make a plan and work together to smash them!


Skypuppy Foundations

These classes are suitable for all levels, but are aimed at people wanting to develop foundation skills. 

  • Foundations 1-2-1 is a private lesson aimed to give you and your dog the skills you need to live happily together without conflict. Run at Canine Culture in Hume, these 60 minute sessions are ideal for people who want to come to group classes, but are not ready for the distraction of working around others. Nail the basics and build confidence before working around other people and dogs!

  • Good Dog Foundations (limited intakes) - 6 week beginners course for dogs aged 6 - 24 months. Learn practical skills with real life applications, have fun & build a connection with your dog. A great option to progress to after puppy classes for all those teenage dirtbags! 

  • Social Responsibility Foundations (not currently scheduled) - 6 week course that follows the framework provided by GRC Dogsports Social Responsibility Test. There are three sections to the test: Leash Communication, Verbal Obedience, and Liberty. This class will help give you the skills needed to have a socially responsible dog. 

    • We will cover how to greet people calmly and walking on lead without pulling. 

    • We will teach reliable obedience concepts that have real life uses and will build confidence.

    • We will help you show your dog they can make their own calm choices, even when they aren't being told what to do. 

    • Learn how to advocate for your dog when out and about. 

Online Learning

  • Skypuppy School also utilises online learning to support your training. The "Good Dog - Level 1" online course is a stand alone video series made possible in collaboration with The School of Canine Science.  It lays a solid training foundation for dogs of all ages and is great as a resource for people who like working independently and at their own pace. 

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Ready to kickstart your training?

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