Ready to kickstart your training?

Skypuppy School offers two class options for new students. Places are limited.  
To express your interest in enrolling and to find out when the next intake is, please click the GET STARTED button and complete the new student form


Street Cred for Puppies

This is not your average mother pupping puppy class! 

These sessions are focused on environmental exposure and socialisation for pups aged 10-20 weeks. Think less sit and stay, and more showing them the big wide world is actually a pretty cool place to explore.

The Street Cred sessions will compliment your regular puppy preschool classes. These classes are 30 minutes long and the location will change each time. 


What you will learn:

  • How to clearly communicate with your new pup

  • How to use toys, food and pattern games to motivate them and build confidence

  • How to develop neutral reactions to other people and dogs

  • How to do greetings (and when not to say hello) 

  • What to do if your puppy gets a fright, and how to future proof against the scary stuff

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Skypuppy Social Responsibility Course

Launching in October is a new 3 three week course designed with young dogs in mind.


Perfect for our teenage dirtbags aged 5 - 18 months, but also suitable for adults looking to brush up on their foundations.

Each week will have a specific focus on the life skills our dogs require to successfully navigate our very human world. You will also learn 3 easy pattern games that will strengthen your connection and get your dog switched onto you.

What we will learn:

  • Week 1:
    Play with your dog! Using food and toys to move and motivate and an introduction to "Middle". 

  • Week 2:
    Loose lead walking

  • Week 3: Recalls, down stays and working with distractions (not against them).


You also get:

  • Prep lessons delivered online, covering the stuff you need to get started: markers and pattern games, luring 101, and leash handling for beginners. 

  • Lifetime access to my Good Dog Level 1 online course and ongoing support via Facebook group.