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Dog training for confident dogs and happy humans! 

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For pups under 6 months

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Fun group classes for the cool kids who want Street Cred!

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An inclusive Dog Sport that anyone can play!

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For independent learners who want to train at home with guided videos.

Teaching skills for the real world.

Skypuppy School is Canberra based and offers bespoke, small group classes that provide enrichment for dogs of all breeds and ages. 


Have fun with your dog while teaching reliable social responsibility. Skypuppy wants to help you meet your dog's needs, while teaching the concepts they need to thrive with their human families.

We will use motivational methods, which include clear markers and reinforcement via toys and food, to train your dog.  


A strong emphasis is placed on play-based learning. Learn how to build confidence, enthusiasm and clarity through games, and find calmness when needed.

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