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Dog training for confident dogs and happy humans! 

Welcome to Skypuppy School, where I specialise in group classes designed to deliver effective and FUN training opportunities, with an emphasis on life skills and social responsibility. 

Your dog didn't come pre-programmed with all the skills required for an easy coexistence in your household. Despite their domestication, our canine friends still carry traces of their wild ancestry, exhibiting behaviours like chasing, chewing, digging, barking, and jumping.

Skypuppy School is committed to helping families navigate these challenges. Fulfilled dogs who are given clear expectations are less likely to get into trouble, and I'm all about developing strong relationships, predictable patterns and embracing play as the cornerstone of good dog training. 

When you train with Skypuppy School, you become part of a community committed to nurturing well-rounded, happy pets. Our holistic approach prioritises training as an ongoing activity rather than a mere means to an end.


We meet our dogs where they are at and show them how to become the best versions of themselves. We integrate play and daily sniffing games for wellbeing, striving for confidence in public spaces, and appreciating quiet moments at home with relaxed and content canine companions.


Dogs have co-evolved with humans over thousands of years. However, our contemporary lifestyle often leaves them with unmet instincts, leading to behaviours that may be perceived as problems. As a Certified Family Dog Mediator®, my goal is to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of who your dog is, and how best to provide for their needs while also meeting yours. 


A Family Dog Mediator® is a pet professional who has undergone education to assess and comprehend an animal's L.E.G.S.®:

(Learning - Environment - Genetics - Self).


Each aspect of an animal's L.E.G.S.® plays a crucial role in shaping who they are, and WHY they behave in a certain way. Our classes seek to recognise this and groups are kept small to allow for personalised attention specific to you and your unique dog. 

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Skypuppy School runs group classes in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Sessions are regularly run indoors at The Canine Campus in Hume, and outdoors at Narrabundah College. 

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