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Hi  I'm Kylie.
I'm a teacher and a dog nerd. 

Kylie Hughes is the founder of Skypuppy School. She has a Diploma of Education from the University of Canberra and a Science Undergraduate Degree from Charles Sturt University.


Kylie is recently certified as a FDM - Family Dog Mediator, and has completed the Puppy Lab Certificate by the School Of Canine Science. She is currently undertaking a 3 year behaviour qualification with The School of Canine Science, alongside their scent work course. Kylie is a qualified Canine Hoopers Instructor. 


Kylie has been around dogs as long as she can remember; her grandfather was a sheep farmer and she loved watching the working dogs do their thing. She wishes dearly she could talk to her 'Boompa' now and pick up some Kelpie training tips from him!


Kylie has been working as a professional dog trainer since early 2019, building a strong reputation as a pet minder, providing walk and train sessions through Mad Paws. In 2021 Kylie worked with All Round Good Hounds as a puppy trainer and workshop presenter.

Kylie has been a foster carer with 4Lyfe Rescue since 2017 and has successfully rehomed more than a dozen dogs, including the settling of some trickier rescue cases. Kylie volunteers with ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF) as a temperament tester, assessing dogs in local and regional pounds. 


Kylie competes in GRC Dogsports and is a founding member of GRC Canberra. In April 2021, she achieved a SR1 title with her dog Miku. She is now using the foundations of the social responsibility test to train her adolescent Bernese Mountain Dog Stevie; as well as working towards a SR2 title. 

In 2021, the time felt right to launch Skypuppy School, a venture which combines Kylie’s teaching expertise with her passion for dogs. Kylie specialises in small group classes that are all about having fun with your dog! She has a proven background in developing confidence in pups and nervous, anxious dogs. 

Kylie shares her life with her dogs Miku, a 5 year old bully breed and Stevie,  a 1 year old BMD.

A life full of happy memories means our biggest best boy Crixus will   always be with us. 

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