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Welcome to Skypuppy School

Hi, I'm Kylie (she, her) and I'm the dedicated woman at the helm of Skypuppy School. With over 15 years of teaching experience and a passion for helping people and their dogs understand each other, my strength lies in teaching humans how to build strong social connections with their canine companions, through clear communication and play. 

Established in 2021, Skypuppy School specialises in offering engaging classes with a focus on fun. But this doesn't mean we don't take dog training seriously!

Skypuppy School is a community for people who see their dogs as part of their family, and training as a regular, enriching activity. My holistic approach to dog training respects the emotions and motivations at both ends of the leash. 

As a foster carer with 4Lyfe Rescue since 2017, I've successfully rehomed over a dozen dogs, including handling more challenging rescue cases. As a volunteer with ACT Rescue and Foster, I have served as a temperament tester, assessing dogs in local and regional pounds.

In 2022, I earned certification as a Family Dog Mediator (FDM)  and successfully completed the Puppy Lab Certificate offered by the School of Canine Science. I am a qualified Canine Hoopers Instructor and am currently immersed in a 3-year behaviour qualification with The School of Canine Science. 

In 2023 I attended seminars with Michael Ellis in August and Michael Shikashio in April. Both brilliant learning experiences, but it was the working spot I had with Jay Jack in May 2023 that remains the absolute highlight of my personal development last year. In 2024, I am focused on improving my handling and communication skills, and have had working spots at both Sharonika Williamson and Pat Stuart seminars. 

I'm not just about the theory—I live and breathe the doggo life with four furballs: Miku the Bully cross, Stevie the Bernese Mountain Dog, Birdy the Retriever, and my cheeky Whippet Terrier mix, Styx. For a daily dose of our adventures, hop over to Instagram and follow us @miku_skypuppy! 🐾✨

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