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Play School Pups

A puppy class like no other!

  • Set your family up for success right from the start, with an emphasis on building connection, and creating a confident, calm young dog.​

  • Small groups - with just 4 dogs in each class your learning is personalised for you and your puppy!​

  • For puppies aged 8 - 28 weeks.

  • Saturday morning classes run at Canine Culture's private indoor space at Hume.

  • Sessions will cover:

    • Why the connection you have with your dog underpins everything, and how to build it.

    • Games for developing resilience and independence.

    • Creating a clear communication system that uses markers and rewards.

    • Training foundations of obedience but taught through play.

    • Finding the "off switch" on your energiser pup!

  • Bonus access to resources and support on a range of topics, such as:

    • Puppy proofing your home - management for success!

    • How to socialise your puppy and why this should be your focus.

    • Appropriate exercise and nutrition.

    • How to deal with common puppy problems.

    • Puppy developmental stages  and what to expect during your pup's first year.

  • Book a single session or save using the bundle options!

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