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Casual puppy class that gives you flexibility to attend when you want. Suitable for all pups from 10 weeks and up. Run at a range of locations, to allow for lots of environmental exposure & socialisation in new spaces!


A 6 week puppy preschool with a focus on building engagement and confidence for puppies aged from 8 - 16 weeks.

Set you and your new pup up for success right from the start.

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6 week beginner program for dogs aged from 4 months. Teaching skills needed to be a socially responsible pet, as well as supporting you to develop a happy & confident canine companion.


This casual class covers a mix of fun skills and will build on the foundations you already have, helping to create confidence working around others while learning cool tricks and practicing social responsibility. 


For the cool kids who want to get out and train in the real world - we take our skills to the streets and explore different environments.


Summer Street Cred will be returning soon! This advanced class is exclusive for current students. 


Hoopers is taking a break over Summer and will return in 2024.

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