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Play School Pups

A puppy class like no other!

  • Set your family up for success right from the start, with an emphasis on building connection and confidence.

  • Small groups, with just 4 dogs in each class your learning is personalised for you and your puppy!​

  • Wide age range - Play School Pups is suitable for puppies aged 8 - 6 months

  • Casual classes give you flexibility

    • Come once just for a fun experience, or attend regular classes for the best learning experience.

  • Classes will cover these core concepts:

    • How to create engagement through play.

    • Games for developing resilience and independence.

    • Using markers for clear communication.

    • Training foundations, such as walking on lead, coming when called. 

    • Finding the "off switch" on your energiser pup!

    • Understanding your puppy's L.E.G.S and how to best meet their needs.

  • You will also get support on a range of topics, such as:

    • Puppy proofing your home - management for success!

    • How to socialise your puppy outside of classes.

    • Appropriate exercise, nutrition and fulfilment. 

    • How to deal with common puppy problems, like jumping, toileting, biting and barking. 

    • Puppy developmental stages and what to expect during your pup's first year.

  • Your teacher Kylie is a certified FDM - Family Dog Mediator, and has completed the Puppy Lab Certificate by the School Of Canine Science. She has proven experience in helping families raise confident, happy dogs from puppyhood and through the teenage years.








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