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What is Hoopers?

Dogs of all ages and sizes can do Hoopers! Hoopers is an agility style game that is low impact on your dogs joints but high on the fun scale. Hoopers courses are free flowing with no sudden stops or sharp turns. You work together with your dog work as a team to navigate a series of obstacles, mainly hoops but also barrels and tunnels.

It's a great activity for anyone looking to have fun and build your relationship through teamwork. Hoopers classes are run at the Canberra Dog Hub in Holt, with options for teams to take part in group or private lessons. 

Puppies are welcome to start from 6 months and junior handlers (aka the humans) over the age of 10 years. There is no age limit for dogs or people! Everyone is invited to play!

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Introduction to Hoopers is a 3 week starters course

  • Designed with beginners in mind, you will build value for the hoops, barrels and tunnels and start to put these obstacles together in mini-courses

  • You will also get to practice your stays, recalls and place training in this class

Casual Classes are drop-in sessions aimed at the beginner level

  • Great for people who may not be able to commit to the 3 week introduction course

  • Also suitable for anyone who has completed the introduction course and wants to keep building on their foundation skills and hoop value

Hoopers Foundations is a 5 week continuing course for teams looking to progress the Hoopers fun beyond the beginner level

  • Create confidence with distance handling

  • Progress to more challenging obstacle courses

  • Includes the chance to achieve the Canine Hoopers World Progress Level awards

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